Support & Defend Public Schools & Teachers

Improve Public Education

Public Education

We need to rebuild public education in Indiana in a way that restores previous funding formulas and supports the needs of teachers and students. 

As a candidate for Indiana State Senate, Cinde Wirth  supports empowering teachers and students, so that Indiana can rebuild our world-class system of public education.

Support for Teachers & Students

We must support teachers and students by encouraging educational best practices and focusing on what’s best for students.

Invest in Education

An investment in education is an investment in the future. To have a world-class education in Indiana, we need to increase teacher salaries and make sure they have the classroom resources they need to teach.

Improve Indiana Education By

  • Promoting a positive learning environment
  • Ensuring students are treated equitably
  • Developing individualized high school graduation plans
  • Expanding access to college and career-ready pathways

Cinde Knows the Value of Public Education!

Like many Americans, Cinde values public education because it is an important part of her story. Both Cinde and her husband Trent went to public schools from grade school through college. Their children Lauren and Ryan, were educated in public schools as well.

Cinde started her education journey at Parkside Elementary. Next, she attended Northside Middle School, and later Columbus North High School. After high school, Cinde graduated with degrees from Indiana University and The University of Evansville, both public universities.

Many people in our community share a similar story. Public education has opened doors, created opportunities, and bettered the standard of living for countless Americans. That’s why Cinde is committed to improving public schools and expanding access to higher education. She believes that the legacy of good public education should continue for generations to come.

Improve Public Education

Cinde and Molly

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Improve Public Education

Public Education

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Improve Public Education

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Improve Public Education

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Improve Public Education


Cinde supports legalizing medical cannabis and decriminalizing possesion of modest amounts of marijuana.

Improve Public Education

Together we can make our future brighter!

Cinde Wirth is a Democratic candidate for Indiana State Senate.

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